Customs clearance

Procedure for Customs Clearance Preparation

  1. We coordinate with the customer the location and conditions for Customs clearance. Calculating Customs payments
  2. We assign a ten-digit code according to the HS of the EAEU to each item included in the consignment.
  3. We calculate Customs payments and send the information to the customer. Submitting the Customs Declaration:
  4. We prepare the Customs Declaration (DT), the Conformity Declaration (DC), and if necessary, obtain additional certificates (CC, CGR).
  5. We send the Customs Declaration to Customs authorities.
  6. If necessary, we participate in inspections of the cargo.
  7. We receive information about the registration of the Customs Declaration. Final stage: We inform the customer about the release and the procedure for exporting the cargo from the Customs control zone / Customs warehouse, and send them a copy of the issued Customs Declaration.
Documents required for customs clearance
Minimum package of documents for determining the possibility of customs clearance and calculation of cost:
  1. Invoice, which should indicate the quantity, price, HS code, manufacturer, and country of origin of the goods.
  2. Packing list, which should indicate the weight and volume of the goods.
  3. Detailed description of the goods.
Period of providing customs clearance services

The more complete and high-quality the set of documents is prepared and the more transparent the transaction is, the fewer additional questions arise with the customs authorities and the faster the goods are released.
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