Schedule of charter cargo flights DWC (UAE) - SVO (RF)

Cargo airfreight from UAE to Russia and CIS countries

Airfreight of cargo from the United Arab Emirates with delivery in Moscow, utilizes both chartered freighters and regular passenger airlines such as Aeroflot, fly Dubai, air Arabia, Oman air and others. Regular flights follow the airline daily flight schedule. The chartered freighters are scheduled for two-three flights a week. You can check the freight flights schedule above.

Estimated cost and timeframe for air freight deliveries

Airfreight without customs clearance

DWC to SVO from $ 3,25 per kg**

SHJ to DME from $ 3,50 per kg**

DXB to SVO from $ 3.00 per kg**

*Approval required for transportation of dual use goods, or goods of strategic nature, approval must be granted by … cid and customs to permit the cargo to exit the country.

**Costs associated with preparation of applicable export declarations and documents, handling fees, airwaybill, airport charges, transit costs, etc. are billed separately.

Airfreight with customs clearance

The cost of the airfreight including the customs clearance largely depends on the nature of goods being transported, its price, weight and dimensions. To get an estimate tailored to your requirements, please leave your request in the provided form below.

Airfreight on a direct flight dwc svo with customs clearance in 3 to 5 days.

Multimodal freights from dwc to a warehouse in Moscow with customs clearance in 7 to 10 days.

Insurance of goods

Air freight carriers bear limited liability for the safety of goods. Considering the standard industry practice, we recommend our clients to apply for all risk goods insurance, which would cover the full value of goods from damages or losses in transit to the destination, customs confiscations etc.

Al Bayan Logistics LLC can upon request arrange for any type of freight insurance from reputable providers.

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