Sea freight

Jebel Ali - Russia Vessel schedule


Sea cargo delivery from UAE to Russia Container transportation is a reliable and affordable way to transport cargo in containers by sea. Al Bayan Logistics LLC delivers sea containers from various countries to ports in Russia.

The transportation process
1. We coordinate the request with the carrier and calculate the transportation cost.
2. We discuss delivery conditions and payment with the customer.
3. We send the container to the sender for loading.
4. We bring the container to the port and load it onto the ship.
5. We receive the cargo at the destination port.
6. We organize terminal handling.
7. We deliver the order to the recipient's warehouse by truck.

Cost and delivery time for containers
Jebel Ali to Moscow from $ 10500. Transit time 25−35 days.
Jebel Ali to Saint Petersburg from $ 9000. Transit time 55−65 days.
Jebel Ali to Novorossiysk from $ 6400. Transit time 25−35 days.
Jebel Ali to Vladivostok from $ 8500. Transit time 35−45 days.
Jebel Ali to Astrakhan from $ 5350. Transit time 20−25 days.
Cargo insurance

Shipping companies have limited liability for the safety of the cargo. Therefore, we recommend our customers to insure the full value of the cargo from transportation risks, as well as risks of total loss or confiscation by government authorities, etc.

Al Bayan Logistics LLC, upon customer’s request, can organize any types of cargo insurance with trusted insurance companies.

Al Bayan Logistics LLC has a wide network of agents in ports of various countries worldwide. We will assist you in every stage of transportation. You can get more information about container transportation from UAE and other cities worldwide, and order sea container transportation through the request form — leave your contact information, and we will contact you shortly.

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